Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Five Suggested Titles

Well, things haven't got less hectic yet, but since I find myself with a little time, I'm going to start a new topic that I will probably do bi-weekly. I got the idea from the Dread Pirate Guy, whose site you can go check out on my blogroll. Basically, it's just 5 suggested titles to check out from all time, especially in case you missed anything. Alright, here goes my 5 suggested titles #1

5 Suggested Titles: List 1

1. Spyro the Dragon (Playstation 1)

If you missed Spyro's original adventure on the Playstation 1 do yourself a favor and go back and find a copy, or download it if it's available. Spyro's original adventure was his funniest, most entertaining adventure of all. It's worth it just for the responses that the freed dragons give to Spyro, and if that's not enough the gameplay is fun, exciting, and extensive as well.

2. Age of Empires: Age of Kings (Nintendo DS)

Easily one of my favorite DS games, this title sometimes gets overlooked because it foolishly overlooked online play, and as you get good the computer is no longer able to beat you. However, this is a really fun and addicting strategy game that gets better for a very long time, especially as you play through the campaign mode. Lack of internet capabilities certainly hampered its replayability score, but if you have a friend with a DS it's not a problem. Also, you will spend many hours with it before you can complete all of the campaign modes, and beating the computer never ceases to be fun.

3. Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (SNES)

This is definitely an overlooked, but brilliant title, from the Super Nintendo era. Similar to an RPG, but with less controls, Ogre Battle was a very addicting, face paced, and sometimes thoroughly frustrating strategy game. Anyone who hasn't given this title a chance, go do so now, it's definitely worth looking into.

4. Duck Hunt (NES)

Before there was the wii, there was duck hunt. And really, I'm not sure the formula ever got any better than it was here. Duck hunt was extremely addicting, especially for how simple the game was. The graphics were nothing impressive, but the difficulty of getting as many ducks as you could before they flew away was more than enough to make up for it. This one's a classic that everyone should play more than once.

5. X-Men Legends (Nintendo Gamecube)

X-Men Legends was one of the best adventure-story games that came out on the gamcube. All of the characters were fun to play from Iceman to Magma to Wolverine. The story was deep and interesting, the boss characters were a lot of fun, and the familiarity of the characters made you feel like you were coming home to something in a weird sence. Add to that addictive, challenging, and quick-paced fighting gameplay and you've got yourself a real winner.


  1. Age of Empires was a surprisingly good game for the DS. It's a shame that once CRT-based televisions are phased out Duck Hunt might just go out with them.

    This is a nice blog. I also have a gaming blog at http://ptcgaming.wordpress.com that features old-school/retro gaming articles, reviews, lists and more. Feel free to check it out.

  2. Duck Hunt, classic. It is a shame the old NES Zapper doesn't work with HDTVs or i would play it again!

  3. @Mike

    It doesn't?

    Well, that sucks to know. I guess I will have to get an older TV like I predicted I eventually would.

  4. Actually, I didn't see myself on your blogroll. Unless I'm looking at the wrong place, that is.